Residential Bins

A compact Truck makes the drops and pickups. Meridian Hauling will supply the bin style you require. A Meridian Mini Bin is ideal for home projects when a full size bin will not fit.

Carrie H. says "Thank you so much!" ...more

"Thank you so much!

If I ever have a bunch of junk to toss in the future, I'm definitely calling Meridian."

Have a great day!
Carrie H.
Residential Client

Josiah Reyes-Thom says "Thanks again!" ...more

"Hi Ben,

I was very pleased with your service!"

Thanks Again!
Josiah Reyes-Thom
Residential Client


  1. What can I put in the bin?
  2. Where can we put the bin?
  3. Will the bin damage my driveway?
  4. How much weight can I put into the bin?
  5. How much can I load into the bin?
  6. How long can I keep the bin?

Any household items or garbage can go into the bin. Please, no solvents, paints, tires, or electronics as these items can be recycled.

The bin can be placed on your driveway, street, or back alley parking pad. If we are dropping the bin on the street, it has to be on the parking side of the street.

Our bins are equipped with heavy duty steel rollers. They can leave some marks but those will usually disappear after a couple of weeks. If you are still concerned, we can drop the bin on a few scrap pieces of lumber that you provide.

Our entire mini roll off bin fleet has a 10,000 lb weight limit. You can load dirt or concrete, but the bin can only be filled ΒΌ full. Otherwise, it will be too heavy to pick up.

Dirt and concrete should be kept separate. This way, we can dispose of those materials with no tipping fees to you.

The bin can only be loaded level with the top edge of the bin with the exception of dirt and concrete (see above). All of our bins have labels indicating the maximum that can be loaded into the bin.

You can keep the bin for up to 7 days. If you need the bin longer, it will cost $10.00 per day.

15 Cubic Yard Mini Bin

15 cubic yard Mini Bin
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Mini Bins are well suited for residential cleanups with tight spaces.

They can fit in a parking stall, on parking pads off of back alleys or in that last corner of your yard.

  • Width: 8'
  • Length: 12'
  • Sidewall height: 6'

Steve, a residential client says "I needed a bin while renovating the basement..." more

"Avoiding the trips and lineups at the dump was important to me so I contacted Ben at Meridian and for a reasonable price ordered one of their Mini Bins.

When talking to Ben I told him I was worried about my asphalt driveway. Justin dropped off the bin this morning and I was impressed with his professionalism. The truck and bin looked like they just came off the showroom floor. Justin also brought plywood to protect the asphalt driveway. Before leaving Justin made sure there was room to swing open the Mini Bin's back door."

Residential Client

Compact Truck
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