LEED Projects

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Bill Kerwin at Bird Construction says "I have been working with Meridian Hauling for 9 years..." more

"I have been working with Meridian Hauling for 9 years on various projects throughout Winnipeg, and have had nothing but exceptional performance. Meridian takes pride in their work, which is evident by their professional service, and clean well maintained bins. Their highly skilled drivers are able to quickly and safely position multiple bins on job sites with tight access points. The owner, Ben, has always gone the extra mile to accommodate bin pickups and drop offs to my sites when needed.

I have also used Meridian while working on LEED accredited projects, with which they have invaluable experience. The highly professional staff ensure all recycling submittals and documentation are always received on time. Overall I would recommend Meridian Hauling to anyone seeking reliable, professional, safe, and friendly service for their hauling and recycling needs."

Bill Kerwin
Project Superintendent

Bird Construction

Get Peace of mind on your next LEED Project

LEED Project support includes:

  • Recycling signs on all bins
  • Weekly recycling reports that include the scale tickets
  • Documentation from the end user stating that the materials are being reused.

A truck equipped with an on board scale and printer can give you the scale tickets right on site.

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You will save money as most of the recyclable materials can be processed for low to no tipping fees in comparison to the landfill

Walter Fuellbrandt at Concord Projects says "I have been using Meridian Hauling for all of my garbage container needs..." more

"I have been using Meridian Hauling for all of my garbage container needs since Benjamin first opened his doors. It was persistence that got me to first use him and nothing short of a great work ethic, exceptional prompt service and a competitive attitude that has kept me calling him back. I had the pleasure of working with him on a Silver Leed Project that was my first Leed endeavour. For the waste portion of the project paper work Ben made it amazingly simple. We received all of our paperwork monthly with all of the weigh bills, receipts, various backups and a spreadsheet outlining our progress to date. This enabled us to not only get the waste recycling points, but we also received the bonus points for reaching over 90% recycled. All of that without having to make 1 phone call or doing anything else but outlining our needs.

In short his work outlook can be summed up by looking at the pride he takes in the look of his bins and his trucks. He is proud of his business and I am pleased to use his services."

Walter Fuellbrandt
Construction Supervisor

Concord Projects
Some Past Projects:
  • MTS Iceplex
  • Monstanto in Smart Park
  • Misericordia Urgent Care Centre
  • U of M Tache Hall Addition
  • Seven Oaks Soccer Complex
  • Seven Oaks Arena
  • South Pointe School
  • Dakota Community Centre Addition