Crane Bins

  • Designed by a Manitoba Professional Engineer (stamped drawings available).
  • Assembled by certified structural welders.

2 Cubic Yard Tipper

2 cubic yard Tipper Crane Bin
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A crane bin with the convenience of a tipper bin.

  • Width: 5.5'
  • Length: 5.5'
  • Sidewall height: 3.75'
  • 900 kgs, maximum operating capacity

Great for tight job sites where the larger recycling and waste roll off bins are out of reach of the crane.

Use the 4 lifting lugs to fly this bin to the places out of reach of bobcats and zoom booms.


2 Cubic Yard

2 cubic yard Crane Bin
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Suitable to safely fly aggregate, construction and waste materials around on a job site.

  • Width: 5.5'
  • Length: 8'
  • Sidewall height: 3'
  • 5000 kgs, maximum operating capacity

With 4 lifting lugs this bin is easy to fly into a large roll off bin. Once in the bin, reconnect two of the lifting cables to the lower lifting lugs, lift the bin, and all the contents will be emptied out.

A low side wall height makes it easy to shovel snow into or load garbage by hand.